Annual Events

Spring & Fall Gun Raffle


Winner letters will be sent out in 2-3 weeks.

NOTE:  You must have your letter in hand to claim your win.

Spring & Fall Gun Shows

FALL 2018

October 20 & 21 => Saturday 8 – 4 & Sunday 9 – 3

150+ tables of handguns, holsters & concealed carry, hunting & sporting long guns, ammo, reloading supplies, hunting gear & clothing, archery, fishing, knives, self-defense

Kreider & Hoffman Buildings, Solanco Fairgrounds, Quarryville, PA
Free parking
Tickets = $5 each day, at the door
Refreshments: TBA

Fall 2018 Vendor Form, click here – first come, first served
Vendor set-up from 3 p.m. FRI, October 19th
Overnight security provided

2018 Fall Gun Show Flyer to print

Hunter/Trapper Safety

Hunter-Trapper Safety Education classes for 2018 are as follows:
April 6/7 and September 28/29 (both Fri and Sat required)

Class runs Friday 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. to Saturday 8 a.m. – 12 noon at the Muddy Run Visitors Center.  Preregister online with the Pennsylvania Game Commission at

Pennsylvania is home to an extremely wide range of wildlife.  It’s essential to protect this heritage and the opportunities it gives by understanding your full legal and ethical responsibility toward wildlife and your fellow hunters and trappers.  Developing your hunting and trapping knowledge can lead you on a lifetime of appreciation for the variety within our local animal kingdom.

SLCFSA’s original hunter/trapper safety program was certified in 1968, a leader in Lancaster County.  Currently led by Rick Esh, a 34-year teaching veteran, and his team, SLCFSA’s class is offered three times a year and focuses on safety, laws, animal care, and wilderness survival.  Learn what kinds of traps, firearms and calibers, and bows and arrows to use and why, according to the species. Learn how to identify game anatomy, be aware of your surroundings, and adhere to bag limits and seasons.

This class will dispel Hollywood myths and help you avoid endangering yourself and others with bad practices and faulty understandings.  Following a national curriculum, your certification will be valid in most other states, except those states requiring advanced survival training based on their terrain complexion.


Solanco Fair Booth

In preparation for next year’s fair and other events, a Booth Ad Hoc Committee has been created to revamp our display.  We will completely rebuild our booth for versatile use in many venues – fairs, seminars, gun shows, and any other opportunities which come our way.

Potential ideas include creating interchangeable panels for various club foci depending on venue (gun shows, youth programs and events, conservation, gun laws, hunting/trapping), building braces for mounts, mini “shooting ranges,” and more.

To join the committee or contribute advice or ideas, please contact committee chair, Deb Amspacher – [email protected]

The John Strawser Memorial Kids’ Fishing Derby

Named after the man who began this event in 1971, the John Strawser Kids’ Fishing Derby was designed to give local children an event all their own and get them excited about fishing.   Herald of summertime held around Memorial Day, the event was always open to the public.

For many years, the spring-fed pond was stocked with trout, and kids could take their catch (2-3 trout) home for dinner.  But difficulty keeping pond temperature low and the prevalence of predators continually reduced the trout stock, so the Derby switched over to bluegill and largemouth bass.  Bass are hardier, larger, and put up more of a fight, so the “contest” switched to a 3-hour catch-and-release.  Kids certainly put their muscles and will-power to the test – and learned a few fishing tricks along the way!

This long-time event is temporarily discontinued as SLCFSA investigates revamping the pond.  Possibilities are: increasing spring flow to maintain colder temperatures, including more trees for shade protection from sun and predators, and deepening and reconfiguring the pond.

This event is integral to SLCFSA history, with many championing the cause, so hang tight because the Derby will be returning!